Democratizing Science Beyond Language and Cultural Barriers

As a scientist and engineer with extensive fieldwork in the Neotropics, I am deeply committed to transcending language and cultural barriers to sharing our scientific discoveries. At the Bhamla Lab, we have developed a unique method to make science accessible by creating comics in multiple languages (English, Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin, and Spanish). This approach transforms advanced research into content that is easily understood across various linguistic backgrounds, democratizing science and acknowledging that scientific knowledge transcends both language and cultural barriers. 

Simultaneously, I am dedicated to disseminating our findings to local communities in the Neotropics, including students, researchers, teachers, and conservationists. This effort goes beyond mere knowledge sharing; it's about building collaborative conservation efforts and engaging these groups through workshops, educational programs, and community projects. By integrating our academic research with local expertise, my aim to empower these communities to actively participate in preserving their natural heritage. Ultimately, I aim to ensure that our research supports sustainable development and effective conservation strategies in the Neotropics, regions known for their exceptional biodiversity yet facing critical ecosystem threats. In doing so, we strive to preserve their rich diversity for future generations.

Outreach in the Amazon Rainforest

Multilingual Comics

Springtails jumping and landing on the surface of water

Physics of finger Snaps